Cats Will Kill You

I have nothing but the strongest admiration for everyone who shares their living space with one of these little murder machines.

I drew this comic for the Catsploitation 2 zine created and edited by Matthew Ragsdale (@blankvalleyfilm on Instagram). You can get a copy of the zine from Matthew’s store (here).

Like An Adult

A conversation with a friend reminded me that “self-care” means actually taking care of yourself at work. “Working through the pain” is sometimes necessary in special circumstances, but it shouldn’t be expected, and it definitely shouldn’t be the default.

You Are Filled with Determination

I made this comic to psyche myself up to apply to a fandom zine I was 99% sure would reject me.

They did in fact reject me, but I’m glad I applied. While I was putting together a portfolio to submit to them, I realized just how far I’ve come with visual art, and this filled me with determination to keep improving.

I should acknowledge that this piece is also a study in paneling based on a page of Aliza Layne‘s fantastic graphic novel Beetle & the Hollowbones, which I can’t recommend highly enough. I worked with Aliza to create a short comic awhile back, and it was an incredibly inspiring experience!